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ABS rural report

Verfasst: So 7. Mär 2010, 20:22
von Flomax
Hello Wormman,

I just listened to your interview with Nicola Redl from ABC rural report. It was quite good.

You described the situation in Germany concerning organic waste and vermicomposting very aptly. But another fact strucked me more than the content of your speech: Your English is as good as that of a native speeker!! I'm very impressed!

For how long you've been living in Australia?


Re: ABS rural report

Verfasst: Di 9. Mär 2010, 00:31
von Wurmmann
Thank you for that compliment, although I did not like my english at all, The interview was one year after I left england and I was not really prepared for it. :oops:

In any case, I lived in english speaking countries (England and Australia) for over 15 years so some had to stick :)