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We ship to almost all countries. You will find the shipping costs to most countries here. Please ask us for any other destinations:

However there are some special considerations for shipments outside the EU. Please read the following carefully before ordering, so we can process your order most efficiently:

We need the following details from you:

    • Your Name (Please indicate your which your surname and first name is)
  • Your complete Address. Please indicate the post code! (Most problems with shipping are due to unclear labeling)
  • A working telephone number where you can be reached during the day.
  • An email adress.
  • Whether you need a Health Certificate for the Worms you order. (See below for details)

Please note that the shipping labels do not accommodate space for instructions such as „please knock“ or „3rd house on the right“. In doubt choose a different address (maybe your work adress).

While we take every care to ship live worms to you, this warning must be made: All international Shipments of live worms are at the receiver’s risk! This is very important, because postal services such as DHL or DPD will not compensate for any losses and nor can we.

We do not take responsibility for any costs incurred by customs and health inspections in your country. (However we do offer Heath Certificates for our worms, see below).

Worm Shipping delays

Shipment will only be carried out once we have received the full invoice amount and if we decide it is safe for the worms. Especially high or low outside temperatures (>20°C or <0°C) will delay the shipping process. Holidays can also delay shipping. (Just to clarify: „Bank Holidays“ not our holidays. Sometimes this can result in delays of several weeks (typically only during the summer).

The best time for shipping international orders is during spring and autumm.

International Shipping of compost worms
International Shipping of compost worms

International Shipments of live worms will only be carried out using Express shipment. We compare the shipping times of DHL and DPD and let you know the costs. Some countries require shipping with UPS.

Trade Invoices are available on request.

Health Certificates for earthworms

Sample Health Certificate for earthworms
Sample Health Certificate for earthworms

Some countries require Health Certificates for the import of live worms and/or soil. Health certificates for our available for our customers. It is your responsibility to know what your country requires!

The Health Certificate are issued by the regional the government veterinarian (Landkreis Veterinär Amt) and declare the worms and place of origin free of communicable diseases.

They costs between 25 and 75€ for each species ordered and each shipment! This is important because the government veterinarian issues these Health Certificates in the week of shipment.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write us in german, english, frencH and espanol.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,

The Wurmwelten Team

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  1. Hi,

    I would like a quote for 2lbs of african night crawl compost worms with health certificate shipped to Nassau Bahamas.

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