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Wormery "Worm Cafe" Value Set with compost worms

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Weight: 17 kg per piece

The simplest way to start odourless wormcomposting (wormfarming). The complete Starter Set has all you need to start your own worm farm. You can start turning your kitchen waste into rich fertiliser within weeks!

Includes 1000 compost worms with enough wormcast to start the composting process. Worm Special feed and Mineral Mix help stabilise the pH while a Hemp matt provides optimal feeding conditions.

The Worm Cafe is made from durable 100% recyclable plastic and is very sturdy. The 3 layer fit snugly into each other which keeps unwanted pests out. The new lid with a hinge makes feeding even easier! Everything you need for an easy start.

1 Worm Cafe Worm farm
Easy to follow Step-by-Step Instructions in clear English and Tips for the Future.
2 Kg Worm Special Feed (helps them digest)
2 Kg Mineral Mix (to balance the pH/add Minerals)
1 x Block Coco Coir (as base material for your first start)
1 x Hemp matt (provides a dark but airy surface for the worms to work in)
1000 Compost worms (Eisenia fetida Mix)

Measurements: H: 750mm L: 580mm W: 400mm

Should you have questions, try our new forum.

Would you like a voucher instead of live compost worms? This is a good choice when giving the worm farm as a gift, as the delivered worms need to be transferred to the bedding upon arrival. With a voucher you can order the live worms when you are ready for them at no extra charge.

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